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BEi partners for ‘Expanding Art’ with YMCA, Erie Arts & Culture
Founders of BEI ask for your support through Warren Gives on May 14th

Annabel and Clifford Bollinger founded Bollinger Enterprises, Inc. (BEi) , in 1972, and the portrait-like plywood cutouts of them have served as greeters for many years in the lobby of BEi. The cut outs, as well as the Warren Gives sign with the Smartphone caricature, were created and donated to BEi by artist Susan Bollinger-Haupin of Youngsville. Susan Bollinger-Haupin is also the daughter of Annabel and Clifford Bollinger. The Warren Gives online/credit card only donation program, which will be held on May 14th, will be accepting donations electronically via computers and Smartphones.

BEi Press Release – WarrenGives

WarrenGives Spawns a New Program and Work Opportunity at BEi

Generous contributions from Warren Gives 2013 donors to Bollinger Enterprises, Inc., (BEi) were greatly enhanced by matching funds by a Pittsburgh Foundation and a local company resulting in a new arts program and machine shop improvements.




Tirzah DeCaria (left) and Kirsten Ervin (right) of Creative Citizen Studios present the artists and their work. Rosella Cramer (middle left ) and Samantha Miller (middle right)

The Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust based in Pittsburgh, matched $2,500 from BEi’s 2013 WarrenGives Campaign with a $12,500 grant to start up an “Arts as a Vocation” Program at BEi. This five time magnification of matching dollars has enabled 16 BEi program participants to develop their artistic talents with the intent to develop saleable art objects and products. Creative Citizen Studios of Pittsburgh has been contracted to develop this program. The initial phases of the program have resulted in art assessments of interested participants and in the formation an art advisory board made up of local artists and others interested in the project.   









BEi Worker Tyler Haner operates the new Petrex Drill Press

Petrex, Inc., has a long standing business relationship with BEi; the machine shop at BEi fabricates component parts for the company’s internal floating roof systems for above ground bulk fuel storage tanks. Petrex’s increased business volume has led to increased demand and efficiency for work done at BEi. To that end, Petrex and BEi have made a substantial investment in a multiple spindle drill head to increase productivity.  Using $2,000 from BEi’s 2013 Warren Gives Campaign as a match, Petrex, Inc, more than doubled this amount by providing funds to purchase the equipment.

 The matching funds provided by the Trees Trust and Petrex, Inc., to the WarrenGives 2013 donations have resulted in a substantial investment In BEi programs and industrial contract services. It is hoped that the 2014 WarrenGives Online Giving Campaign that will be held on May 14, 2014 will again be successful for BEi so that continuous improvement of programs and services at BEi can be realized.






BEi, established in 1972, provides a wide variety of services to meet the employment, vocational training, and community support needs of individuals with disabilities in Warren and Forest Counties.

What services are offered by BEi?

BEi offers Sheltered Employment to help teach you work skills while you earn money; Vocational Evaluation to help you get a better understanding about your job interests, skills, and abilities; Work Study so that you can work and earn while you are still in high school; Life Skills so that you can learn how to live independently; Community Based Assessments so that you can try out jobs with local companies and businesses; and Supported Employment so that you get on-the-job training for a job in the community.

Who can answer my questions about services at BEi?

Marilla Norton is the Services Intake Coordinator at BEi. She can be reached directly at (814) 723-8431, Ext. 20 or by email at

Who pays for the services at BEi?

Services are paid through a variety of funding sources coordinated through several organizations such as: Warren County Human Services (726-2100), PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (723-2790) and the Warren County School District (723-6900). The service referral process and eligibility determination is completed by each of these entities; each has its own guidelines for specific services.

How am I paid for working at BEi?

There are a variety of work opportunities offered through BEi at the North Warren workshop and in the community, each of which has different pay rates ranging from piece rates for contract manufacturing work to hourly rates for contract janitorial work. You will receive a paycheck every two weeks.

May I tour BEi to help me decide if I want to work there?

Absolutely! We encourage you to tour the workshop facility to see work in progress. A tour is a good way to help you in your decision making. Call Marilla Norton at 814-723-8431, Ext. 20 to arrange a tour.

How do I get to/from BEi on workdays?

BEi contracts with a local bus company to bring employees to and from work. Buses travel routes to designated stops in Sheffield, Youngsville and Warren in the morning and afternoon. If you do not live near a stop, you must make arrangements to get to one of the stops. There is a cost to ride the bus, but it’s often paid for by the same organization funding your services.

What does SES mean?

SES is an abbreviation for Supported Employment Service. SES is a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. This is known as an acronym. For a list of acronyms of common titles, organizations, offices and related items of interest for people with disabilities see our web page of acronyms.

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