BEi Workers’ Testimonials


My favorite job to do at BEi is the shrink wrapping machine and doing the SCR8’s and DF-5’s which are display kits for Whirley mugs.


I love working at BEi. I like doing Petrex bars the best because I make more money. I like making money! I really like coming to work and being at work.


At work I like doing Petrex bars, especially gasketing them. I like doing the SCR8’s, too. What I really like is being able to see my friends


At work at BEi, I like doing mugs and lids. I like working at BEi because I can see my friends.


I like working at BEi. I like packing and assembling the Whirley mugs the best.


I like working at BEi. All the different jobs are alright, but I especially like drilling Petrex bars and making the DF-5 display kits for Whirley mugs.


I love coming to work at BEi! I like seeing my friends and making lots of money. My favorite job is mugs!


I like working at BEi. My favorite job is doing Osram sorting, looking for certain numbers. I like working, too, because I make lots of money and I can see my friends there.

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