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What services are offered by BEi?

BEi offers Sheltered Employment to help teach you work skills while you earn money; Vocational Evaluation to help you get a better understanding about your job interests, skills, and abilities; Work Study so that you can work and earn while you are still in high school; Life Skills so that you can learn how to live independently; Community Based Assessments so that you can try out jobs with local companies and businesses; and Supported Employment so that you get on-the-job training for a job in the community.

Who can answer my questions about services at BEi?

Marilla Norton is the Services Intake Coordinator at BEi. She can be reached directly at (814) 723-8431, Ext. 20 or by email at

Who pays for the services at BEi?

Services are paid through a variety of funding sources coordinated through several organizations such as: Warren County Human Services (726-2100), PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (723-2790) and the Warren County School District (723-6900). The service referral process and eligibility determination is completed by each of these entities; each has its own guidelines for specific services.

How am I paid for working at BEi?

There are a variety of work opportunities offered through BEi at the North Warren workshop and in the community, each of which has different pay rates ranging from piece rates for contract manufacturing work to hourly rates for contract janitorial work. You will receive a paycheck every two weeks.

May I tour BEi to help me decide if I want to work there?

Absolutely! We encourage you to tour the workshop facility to see work in progress. A tour is a good way to help you in your decision making. Call Marilla Norton at 814-723-8431, Ext. 20 to arrange a tour.

How do I get to/from BEi on workdays?

BEi contracts with a local bus company to bring employees to and from work. Buses travel routes to designated stops in Sheffield, Youngsville and Warren in the morning and afternoon. If you do not live near a stop, you must make arrangements to get to one of the stops. There is a cost to ride the bus, but it’s often paid for by the same organization funding your services.

What does SES mean?

SES is an abbreviation for Supported Employment Service. SES is a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. This is known as an acronym. For a list of acronyms of common titles, organizations, offices and related items of interest for people with disabilities see our web page of acronyms.

Why Should I Work?
  • Working gives you income.
  • Working makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Working promotes independence and helps you develop self-confidence.
  • Working helps you meet new friends.
  • Working enables you to learn new skills.
  • Working makes you a productive, taxpaying citizen.
Can BEi’s SES help me find a job that I can do?

BEi’s SES personnel can help you find a job that’s just right for you. If you would like to work in the community, they will:

  • evaluate your interests and abilities.
  • carefully match your abilities with job requirements of a local business or industry.
  • set up a 4-8 hour job sampling (see next question) for you accompanied by a “job coach” who will help teach you how to do what is necessary to meet the job requirements.
  • continue to have a “job coach” accompany you once hired on the job until the job coach, you and the employer are satisfied that you can independently do the work that is expected for that position.
  • provide ongoing monitoring to assure that your work continues to meet the performance standards of the employer and to make sure that you’re happy with the employer and the work which you’re expected to do.
  • continue to provide training and counseling support for as long as you remain employed.
What is job sampling?

It is a paid tryout of a job with an employer. You will work on a job for 4-8 hours. A job coach will accompany you. This tryout will give you an opportunity to test your abilities as well as allow you to determine if you like the work.

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