How much money will I earn working in the BEi workshop?

It depends. In most cases, individuals working in the sheltered workshop are paid “piece rate” which is based on the prevailing wage for the same job at the company with whom we are contracting the work. People who work steadily, quickly, and complete the work correctly can earn as much or even more than someone working on the same job at the company for whom we are doing the work. While it is not common, on certain jobs, individuals have earned as much as $15.00 per hour. It is not unusual for good workers to average more than minimum wage on our piece rate jobs. On the other hand, if a worker spends most of his/her work time visiting with others, making rest room visits, or not working, he/she will earn much less, averaging less than $1 per hour. There are a few jobs in the sheltered workshop for which individuals are paid an hourly wage, which is the minimum hourly rate. In the community based assessment, also referred to as “job sampling,” individuals are paid the minimum hourly rate for the time they work.

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