What types of activities do people in this program participate in?
  • Community outings (baseball games, summer picnics, concerts, plays, birthday and holiday celebration parties and eating out with others) are used for socialization and money handling opportunities.
  • Assistance with daily living activities includes laundering clothes, cooking food, using the microwave, shopping for healthy foods and essentials and more. Shopping trips are also opportunities for handling money. Playing board games like Scrabble, Uno and Yahtzee, and the electronic game, Geo Safari aid in understanding written materials also. Participants practice using calculators and reading menus at lunch outings. Reviewing bowling scores, restaurant bills and grocery shopping bills are all tools used to practice understanding written information in daily life.
  • To maintain good health, participants walk inside the mall in the winter and on rainy days and outside on nice days, walk to garage sales, hike trails, swim at the YMCA, bowl, play putt-putt golf and other physical activities.
  • Accessing community resources includes attending concerts at the Library Theatre, art exhibits at the Crary Gallery, hiking trails at Chapman State Park, walking the Bike/Hike trail, learning about the TAWC bus schedules, using the Warren Public Library, using the instant photo makers at local retail stores to make special cards, etc. and any other resources available to the public.

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