Why Should I Hire a Worker Through SES?

By hiring a worker through SES, employers:

  • help reduce employee turnover rate by hiring a worker who wants to work specifically for them. Through BEi’s SES pre-placement screening, functional assessment and job interest determination, we match worker’s interests and abilities to the job. In more than 25 years of studies, disabled workers meet or exceed non-disabled workers in terms of productivity, loyalty, reliability and safety.
  • contribute to more successful matches being made through community based assessments also known as job samplings or work tryouts at the employment site. A job coach accompanies the worker for training. It costs the employer NOTHING and there is NO liability for the employer; BEi pays the wages, taxes and worker’s compensation cost associated with the work. And there is no obligation to hire beyond the tryout.
  • reduce training costs if the person is hired because the “job coach” will return with the new hire to train the employee to meet the job and productivity requirements and will remain until all are satisfied that the worker can independently do the work that is expected for that position.
  • are assured that the individual’s work meets the company’s performance standards through BEi’s ongoing monitoring.
  • can take advantage of federal and state legislation for hiring disabled workers as in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) which allows you to defer your federal tax liability for every physically or mentally disabled person you hire via a vocational rehabilitation referral. For more information go to
  • can look into this: while not a tax credit, the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation can reimburse you 50 percent of wages for on-the-job training for disabled employees. For more information go to
    And PA Vocational Tax Credit Legislation SB 567 is currently being discussed in the state’s finance committee.

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