Frequently Asked Questions
Who is BEi?

Bollinger Enterprises, Inc. (BEi) is an organization that provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities. For over 35 years BEi has been a reliable labor resource for the manufacture and service sectors. Many local/regional industries contract manufacturing work operations with our workshop facility. These operations are completed to their time expectations and to their quality assurance specifications. A prime example of our time and quality capabilities is the assembly and packaging of 30,000 mugs in one day for Whirley DrinkWorks.

What types of work does BEi do?

BEi workers can help with on-time delivery and quick turnaround times for

  • packaging or repackaging materials.
  • hand assembly work.
  • metal cutting, drilling, tapping and assembly.
  • automotive electrical component inspection and hardware packaging.
  • quality control inspections.
  • bulk mail processing and fulfillment.
  • shrink wrapping product.
  • other light industrial work.
  • any job that you may have to get out quickly which we could handle more cost effectively for you than you might be able to do in-house. Whirley, for example, contracts with BEi to assemble and package a variety of mugs and glasses each week in our workshop.
How much does it cost to have a job done?

Every customer and every contract job is unique. Cost is determined based upon prevailing wage labor costs, any additional materials used in production processes and our facility operation’s costs

How quickly can a job be completed?

We want to work with you; we will do our best to meet your requirements. You give us a deadline and we will determine before we accept the job whether or not we can meet your requirements. If we accept your delivery terms, we will have the product ready for delivery on the agreed upon date.

What types of quality control procedures are in place?

BEi is ISO 9001:2000 Certified for assembly, packaging, inspection and quality control services. Even though ISO certifications are very specific in nature, our certification demonstrates that we adhere to strict quality control standards at all times. If you are not ISO Certified, we will work with all of your quality assurance processes to ensure your expectations are met. Every product that leaves our facility has been double checked to make sure the product meets our customers’ requirements.

What are BEi’s capabilities?

BEi currently:

  • owns a 26 foot box truck with a (10) pallet capacity.
  • picks up and delivers within a 75 mile radius.
  • works out of a 25,000 sq. ft. facility.
  • has a labor force of 70 workers available to work for you.
  • has a mobile work force that can perform jobs on-site.
What are material pick up and delivery arrangements?

For jobs for which it is feasible, we prefer to pick up the raw materials, transport them to our workshop at 44 N. State Street, N. Warren, PA, work the materials, package the finished product for delivery, and deliver the finished product back to you for a mutually agreed upon price.

Where is the work done?

The majority of the work is completed in our workshop. BEi, however, can also provide mobile work crews that can work in customer facilities when it is not feasible to transport product to our workshop. A job coach will accompany the crew initially to help provide on-the-job training and to oversee the crew’s work until the job coach is satisfied they are all doing the job to the employer’s requirements and satisfaction. This is contract labor. We charge a flat rate/hour per worker which reflects the current minimum wage, workers compensation fees, FICA taxes and BEi’s administrative costs. There are a limited number of workers available to work on-site, but we will work with you to provide workers for all of your labor needs.

What product transportation is available?

BEi owns a 26 foot box truck with a capacity to haul (10) pallets of materials or product at once for which mileage fees are charged. Your company truck fleet or common carriers can also be used.

What equipment does BEi have available?

We have some equipment in-house – a shrink wrap machine, a band saw, tapping machines, a stationary drill, lighted magnifiers, calibrated calipers and miscellaneous small items needed to accommodate our workers. For specialized jobs companies often place their equipment at BEi. If we were to be guaranteed work in the long term contingent upon having access to a specific machine, we would discuss the possibility of the purchase of the machine with the customer.

Why should you use BEi workers?

BEi can offer you a dependable workforce without the headaches of personnel management and payroll costs. Using our workers helps you to better manage your manufacturing operations through more efficient use of your own labor resources.

If you have a question that does not appear in this FAQ listing, please call (814) 723-8431 for further assistance.

Employment Services FAQ for Businesses and Industries

What is SES?

SES is Supported Employment Service, a unique employment service. The purpose of SES is to place people with disabilities into suitable jobs in area businesses and industries.

Why hire a worker through SES?

By hiring a worker through SES, employers:

  • help reduce employee turnover rate by hiring a worker who wants to work specifically for them. Through BEi’s SES pre-placement screening, functional assessment and job interest determination, we match worker’s interests and abilities to the job. In more than 25 years of studies, disabled workers meet or exceed non-disabled workers in terms of productivity, loyalty, reliability and safety.
  • contribute to more successful matches being made through community based assessments also known as job samplings or work tryouts at the employment site. A job coach accompanies the worker for training. It costs the employer NOTHING and there is NO liability for the employer; BEi pays the wages, taxes and worker’s compensation cost associated with the work. And there is no obligation to hire beyond the tryout.
  • reduce training costs if the person is hired because the “job coach” will return with the new hire to train the employee to meet the job and productivity requirements and will remain until all are satisfied that the worker can independently do the work that is expected for that position.
  • are assured that the individual’s work meets the company’s performance standards through BEi’s ongoing monitoring.
  • have continued support through BEi for the SES placed worker for as long as the he/she remains employed.
  • can take advantage of federal and state legislation for hiring disabled workers as in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) which allows you to defer your federal tax liability for every physically or mentally disabled person you hire via a vocational rehabilitation referral. For more information go to
  • can look into this: while not a tax credit, the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation can reimburse you 50 percent of wages for on-the-job training for disabled employees. For more information go to
    and PA Vocational Tax Credit Legislation SB 567 is currently being discussed in the state’s finance committee.
What is a community based assessment?

The purpose of a community based assessment is to determine an individual’s vocational interest and ability on specific jobs.  Performing the job in the actual worksite gives a more accurate assessment of the skills than the traditional off site evaluations conducted with work samples and written assessments. The opportunity to try several different types of jobs defines those skills even further so that when an individual applies for a job, he/she has some experience on that type of job, a genuine interest in performing that type of work, and the skills needed for the job. It benefits you, the employer, by reducing the amount of initial training and having an employee who wants to work for you.
Once an employer agrees to be a site for community based assessments with BEi, we will schedule a time to conduct a thorough job and task analysis of the work you would like to have completed. And as individuals in the program express an interest in the type of employment you offer, we will contact you to schedule a convenient time for us to come in and do the job.
A supervisor from BEi and the individual trying the job will report to your designated area and your supervisor at the pre-scheduled time. The individual will be taught the job by BEi staff and will be fully supervised by us; this assures that the work is completed according to the specifications determined in the job analysis. Typically an individual will complete a four hour shift at each site. If there is an expressed interest in the particular job or there are further questions to be answered on that job, another four hour shift may be scheduled. The schedule will be determined mutually by you and BEi personnel. The wages of the individual performing the job, the taxes and workers’ compensation will be paid by BEi. There is NO cost to you.
Community Based Assessments benefit the individual performing the job and the employer with whom we are working by determining and eventually matching skills and interests to fulfill the needs of the local employment demands.
For more information, or if you have a question that does not appear in this FAQ listing, please call (814) 723-8431 for further assistance.

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