Life Skills Testimonials
Testimonials of Life Skills’ Participants

Justin – “I like cooking and cleaning at the Life Skills classes.  I like Jenney, too.  She is really nice!  I don’t have a favorite thing to do there; I like doing everything!  I like making BBQ chicken, sloppy joes and hamburgers.  I like doing the dishes, vacuuming, dusting and mopping the floor!”

Linda –  “I love going to Life Skills classes!  I love seeing Jenney; she is so nice.  My favorite jobs to do there are doing the dishes and cooking.”

Julie –  “I like going to Life Skills classes.  I like Jenney, our teacher.  My favorite thing to do is to bake brownies, wash dishes and mopping the floor.”

Teanna –  “I love Life Skills classes!  I like learning different skills, especially balancing the checkbook.  I like vacuuming, doing dishes and learning to cook, too.”

Life Skills Program Testimonial from Families of Participants

Heidi’s employment at BEi has given her a sense of accomplishment and self worth. It has instilled in her a work ethic that was not evident prior to our arrival in Warren 10 years ago. Heidi’s self confidence also has grown tremendously – confidence in her ability to do an assigned task and do it well.
Heidi’s participation in BEi’s Life Skills Program has reinforced the necessary homemaking, personal health, money management and other important skills necessary for eventual independent living.
Fred Venal

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