Therapeutic Activities’ Success Stories

Our consumers have benefited greatly from the therapeutic activities they have been involved in. They are much more comfortable leaving their homes to go out into the community. At the beginning of this program, one consumer used to miss an outing a month. The TAA kept encouraging her to at least try to go on the outing, assuring her that at any time she wanted to go home, they would leave. This person now has so much self-confidence. It is wonderful to see her face light up when she experiences something new!
Another consumer used to be very uneasy around water. Since starting a water exercise program with the TAA, she is much more comfortable. Another consumer who just started the water exercise program said, “I can’t believe I’m in the water. I did it!”
The families are more at ease when they know their loved ones are safe when they’re out in the community. One family thanked the TAA for not giving up on their loved one and for encouraging him to try new things. Trying new things is often easier when done with others.
The program offers many ways to work on a consumer’s goals. One way might be to play the board game “Scrabble.” This is a great tool for strengthening reading skills, counting and taking turns, which are all important parts of daily living skills.
The program has “celebrations” often. Whether celebrating a holiday, a birthday or just enjoying the outdoors while on a picnic, this is a wonderful time for socialization. The consumers help with buying and cooking the food they will eat at the celebration. This provides an opportunity to shop for healthy foods, handle money, understand written information and more.
Adaptations are made to help work on everyone’s goals. For example, a consumer was finding it difficult to do laps while mall walking for exercise. The TAA suggested the consumer push a shopping cart as she walks. The consumer is now walking at a faster pace and walks more laps. She is often heard saying, “I’m walkin’ good, aren’t I?”

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