Adult Community Based Assessments

Community Based  Assessment Job Sampling

The purpose of Community Based Assessments is to determine an individual’s vocational interest and ability on specific jobs. Performing the job in the actual worksite gives a more accurate assessment of the skills than the traditional off-site evaluations conducted with work samples and written assessments. The opportunity to try several different types of jobs defines those skills even further so that when an individual applies for a job, he/she has some experience on that type of job, a genuine interest in performing that type of work, and the skills needed for the job. It benefits the employer by reducing the amount of initial training and provides them with an employee who wants to work for them.

When is the Assessment Done?

Once an employer agrees to be a site for Community Based Assessments with BEi, we will schedule a time to conduct a thorough job and task analysis of the work the employer would like to have completed. As individuals in the Community Based Assessments program express an interest in the type of employment offered, we will contact the employer to schedule a convenient time for us to come in and do the job.


How is the Assessment Done?

A supervisor from BEi and the individual performing the job will report to the employer’s designated area at the scheduled time. BEI staff will supervise the individual, and teach them the responsibilities of the job, ensuring that the work is completed according to the specifications determined in the job analysis. Typically, an individual will complete a four-hour shift at each site. If there is an expressed interest in the particular job or there are further questions to be answered about that job, another four-hour shift may be scheduled and a time determined by both the employer and BEi Community Based Assessments personnel. The individual’s wages, taxes and worker’s compensation will be paid by BEi during the assessment. There is NO cost to the employer.

Why are Community Based Assessments helpful?

Community Based Assessments benefit both the individual and their employer by determining and eventually matching the adult's skills and interests to fulfill the needs of the local employment market.

Community Based Assessment Job Sampling

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