Community Participation Services for Adults

Community Participation Services

Community Participation Services provide adults with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to develop basic work skills through contracts with area businesses carried out at the BEi facility in Warren, PA.  Through projects completed for these businesses, adults receive training in the areas of:

  • Assembly and packaging
  • Light manufacturing
  • Mail processing
  • Maintenance

Adults also focus on the social skill development needed for vocational advancement.

Individuals are paid for work they complete based on either a piece rate or hourly rate, according to the Wage and Hour Law, Department of Labor. 

As individuals achieve their goals and develop skills, they have the option of choosing more independent work programs such as Supported Employment.


Community Participation Services Offer:

  1. Assessment of Vocational Aptitude and Potential: Individuals will be assessed for areas of strengths and needs.
  2. Job skill training: Individuals will participate in various vocational opportunities with the emphasis placed on their personal interests and career potential.
  3. Teaching Activities: Individuals are offered work training activities which focus on areas of need such as social and communication skills, time management, safety awareness and various work-related skills. Training is offered in a supportive environment stressing the importance of a positive work ethic.

Individuals may contact their Supports Coordinator about eligibility to receive funding from the Forest-Warren Counties Department of Human Services for the BEi Prevocational Services. For more information Community Participation Services, please call Kim Nowell Rehabilitation Supervisor, (814) 723-8431, Ext. 19.

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Community Participation Services Mail sorting


Community Participation Services Assembly Work

What those in our Community Participation Services have said:

“My favorite job to do at BEi is the shrink wrapping machine and doing the SCR8’s and DF-5’s which are display kits for Whirley mugs." - Jon

“At work at BEi, I like doing mugs and lids. I like working at BEi because I can see my friends.” - Julie

“I like working at BEi. My favorite job is doing Osram sorting, looking for certain numbers. I like working, too, because I make lots of money and I can see my friends there.” - Justin