Community Participation Supports

Community Participation Supports

The Community Participation Supports offers adults with intellectual disabilities a wide range of activities and services to meet their needs. The individual with a disability, their family and the Therapeutic Activities Aide (TAA) work together on service goals. These goals are an important part of the consumer’s Individual Service Plan (ISP.)

Community Participation Supports provides opportunities for individual's to build connections within the local community. This  includes:

  • Pre-Vocational Skill Development
  • Participation in Leisure/Culteral Interests
  • Adult Learning Opportunities
  • Building Social Networks and Natural Supports Within the Community

Families are more at ease knowing their loved ones are safe when they are out in the community. Trying new things is often easier when done with others, and families often thank the staff for not giving up on and encouraging their loved ones to keep trying.


Community Participation Supports offers many ways to work on an individual’s goals, including board games such as “Scrabble.” This is a great tool for strengthening reading skills, counting and taking turns, which are all important parts of daily living skills.

Whether celebrating a holiday, a birthday or just enjoying the outdoors while on a picnic, the occasions provide a wonderful time for socialization through the Community Participation Services. The individuals help with buying and cooking the food they will eat at the celebration, providing opportunities to shop for healthy foods, handle money, understand written information and more.

Our individuals with disabilities have benefited greatly from the activities they have been involved in and are much more comfortable leaving their homes to go out into the community.

Celebrating Holidays with Community Participation Supports


Air Hockey Community Participation Supports

Community Participation Supports strives to find creative ways to help individuals with their ISP goals. Making a difference in the individuals' lives is what this program is all about!

Individuals may contact their Supports Coordinator about eligibility to receive funding from the Forest-Warren Counties Department of Human Services for the BEi In Home and Community Supports program.

For more information the In Home and Community Supports program, please call Kim Nowell Rehabilitation Supervisor, (814) 723-8431, Ext. 19.

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