Small Group Employment

Small Group Employment Services provides support to individuals who are making the transition to integrated, competitive employment in the community.  Participants work in small groups or enclaves supervised by a training/job supervisor.

Supported Group Employment

Participants receive an initial assessment that gauges current skills and leads to the development of a plan based on the individual’s abilities and preferences.

Through their work experiences, individuals focus on developing “hard skills” to accomplish the specific tasks associated with their job duties. They also work on “soft skills” that will help them be successful in community employment, such as socialization, appropriate appearance and hygiene, response to supervision and other workplace behaviors.

Each participant receives training customized to meet their unique needs and schedules are arranged so that individuals can do work that is of interest to them.

For more information the Small Group Employment Services, please call Kim Nowell, Rehabilitation Supervisor, (814) 723-8431, Ext. 119.

Contact for Small Group Employment